SharePoint XSLT filter for lookup column

In SharePoint XSLT Data view webpart with multiple values lookup column to filter based on querystring values can be achieved using XSLT Filtering

Here is XSLT
filter to do the this, it filters out the rows based on the query
string parameter.
we are appending the value with a character (for example ‘;’) because
the result of both functions [contains(‘1′,’1’) and contains(‘1′,’11’)]
returns true but using [contains(‘1;’,’1;’)] solves the problem.

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SharePoint Event Handler cancel the item adding without throwing error

In SharePoint Event handler its possible to cancel the event but it will automatically throws an error (when we use properties.cancel = true; code).

To avoid this error, we can set the status property of the event.

//sample code
properties.Cancel = true;
properties.Status = SPEventReceiverStatus.CancelNoError; //This will suppress the error